About BWSA Blue Water Sportsman’s Association is a full-service members-only sportsman’s club featuring a wide variety of shooting activities.  Review our different divisions to see if anything strikes your fancy.  Click here to see an Aerial View of our club with the names of each range. See our Newsletter for a listing of all current events. We also feature events that are open to the general public for a minimal fee, such as skeet and trap shooting, Friday Fun Nights on the indoor pistol range during the winter, .22 Bullseye on Wednesday night, combat pistol practice indoors during the winter, and pistol and rifle events outdoors during the summer. Contact the individual divisions for complete info. Membership If you are interested in joining BWSA, please review our Application for Membership and send it in with your membership dues to our P.O. Box address shown below. You'll be glad you did! If you have questions about membership, please direct them to our Administrative Assistant.   Membership Renewal Current members can get their Membership Renewal form here. Membership renewals expire on July 31. Contact Us-Mailing Address Blue Water Sportsman's Association P.O. Box 610464 Port Huron, MI 48061-0464 -  (810) 364-9894 or send us an e-mail. Newsletter articles should be emailed to the Administrative Assistant. Copyright © 2009 Blue Water Sportsman’s Association Design by Jim Hanus - MIS Board Meeting Next Board Meeting is Monday November 10th, 2014, 7:00pm in the clubhouse. Any club member may attend. Welcome New Members! Charles Alley, Jim Dehoey, Donald Delano, Richard Douglas, John Folco, John Foster, Gary Gotham, Breanne Gotham, Cesar Guevara, Gabriel Guevara, David Hafelein, Ralph Jordan, Adam Laskowski, Duane Lozowski, Teresa Lozowski, Giovanni Massobrio, Nico Massobrio, Timothy Okon, Robert Pickelhaupt, Frank A. Rotondi, Karen Smalstig, Steve Tuskan, Scott Ulbrich, Clifton York, Patti Yunker Greetings fellow patriots, Here's a couple of websites you might want to visit before this year’s elections. http://www.triggerthevote.org/ http://nssf.org/gunvote/ Thanks for helping to protect and preserve our rights. Jerry Silvas
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Our Mailing List is intended for club updates that are in addition to the monthly newsletter. The complete newsletter can be found here. Click for 2014 Hi-Power Match Schedule Do not bring pallets into the club to use as target backers. Do not leave your garbage around the club grounds for someone else to pick up. We have several dumpsters and trash cans throughout the range. Please use them appropriately. Back Ranges Layout Jerks. If anyone knows who did this, let me know.